Palm Bay

Palm Bay

Our project in Palm Bay consists of building 120 hotel units, 240 units that will serve as residences, and a convention and events center

Palm Bay is a city in Brevard County, Florida, in East Central Florida, located minutes from Melbourne, FL, southeast of Orlando, and situated between Jacksonville and Miami. It is located on the Indian River, close to the ocean, especially Melbourne Beach. Palm Bay is prized for its many and diverse theme parks, from cyclocross and paintball to nature preserves and kayaking on the pristine waters of Turkey Creek Sanctuary. It is a city close to many activities such as the beach, the cinema and the shopping center, and there are many restaurants and parks to visit. It has the air of a small town with the benefits of a city. 


In Progress

Type of Project

Apartments, Hotel, Residences, Short-Term Rent


Palm Bay, FL