We combine creative solutions between the business and the real estate concepts.

A real estate developer. Your opportunity.


We are a real estate and commercial developer, focused on combining creative solutions between the business and the real estate concepts.

With 30 years of experience in the business, investors from all over the world trust our vision and professionalism for their investment projects. 

Our headquarters are located in Miami, Florida, but our portfolio includes projects developed in different cities and states of the United States: Kissimmee, Michigan, Georgia, Virginia, New York, among others.


We strive to develop real estate projects that offer high-yielding returns for our investors, an enriching experience that can satisfy our guests, tenants, and users’ needs, and have a positive impact in our community.


To be the company that offers the best opportunities to investors around the world, not only to produce high returns and protect their assets, but also to fulfill their dreams beyond frontiers.

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Konnectia Hotels is our business branch focused on the development of hotels and condo-hotels in the United States. Our specialization and professionalism allows us to conceive and develop our hotel chain OneWay Hotels, which we are expanding to different cities and states.


Last Units

OneWay Brunswick

OneWay Brunswick offers investors the possibility of being the owner of a condo-hotel unit in Georgia, and receiving a rent in dollars.
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Last Units

OneWay Kingsland

OneWay Kingsland offers investors the possibility of being the owner of a condo-hotel unit in Georgia and investing in a country with legal and economic security.
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Coming soon

OneWay Savannah

OneWay Ashland is our first OneWay location in the state of Virginia, only minutes away from Richmond.
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Work In Progress

OneWay Ashland

OneWay Ashland is our first OneWay location in the state of Virginia, only minutes away from Richmond.
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OneWay Fundamental

OneWay Fundamental está ubicado en Kissimmee, Florida, a minutos de los parques de Disney y Universal Studios, y muchos otros puntos de interés.
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GreenPoint Kissimmee

GreenPoint Kissimmee is a condo-hotel located near Disney and Universal Studios’ theme parks, convention centers, Downtown Orlando, and other attractions.
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What does this country offer that no other does?

«The main reason why the United States is the destination par excellence for foreign investors is that it offers the possibility of diversifying and optimizing the security of their savings, and betting on an appreciable and stable profitability in dollars. These are low-risk investments because it is a country with high economic, political, and legal security stability, and that has always consistently provided the best business opportunities».


Our investment holding includes hotels, residences, offices, management, grocery stores, and commercial businesses, a wide-ranging portfolio, supported by the experience of our professional team.

In addition to Konnectia Hotels, our holding company includes Konnectia Commercial & Living (focused on the commercial and residential segment), Konnectia Investment Services (to offer investment services to our clients), and Konnectia Management (for the administration of our hotels, condos, hotels and residences).

We not only offer profitable real estate projects to our clients, but also a complete investment service, in which we cover all the instances and requirements necessary to acquire a property in the United States, and also manage it.


Konnectia Commercial & Living is our brand that focuses on developing commercial and residential projects.

In the commercial sector, we have Think Inn Lively Spaces, a brand focused on providing artistic, practical and bright spaces for different uses. We currently operate Think Inn Offices in Kissimmee. We will soon open Think Inn Savannah and are working on bringing Think Inn Ashland to life.

On the other hand, Minimal Living is the brand we use for residential projects. 

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Minimal Kissimmee


Think Inn Kissimmee

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Coming Soon

Think Inn Savannah

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Work In Progress

Think Inn Ashland

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With our Company M360 Management, we manage the projects we develop, to make sure that our clients’ investments are taken care of in the most efficient manner, and that they are as profitable as possible.


Through our company Kubico Realty, which is made up of real estate professionals, we bring these projects closer to investors.

Likewise, we take care of covering all the needs of our investors through our company Tiber Services, which includes the creation of LLCs, the opening of bank accounts, and the management of companies, so that they do not have to take care of anything and can enjoy.


Interesting investment Project, particularly because it doesn’t rely solely on tourism. Congrats.
Alberto F.
Very good advisory work and they generate great investment opportunities.
Gustavo A.
I had an excellent experience, and the assistance I received was wonderful. I can’t stop recommending them.
Maru T.

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