We don’t only offer profitable real estate projects to our clients, but a complete investment service, in which we cover all instances and necessary requirements to buy a property in the United States.


From the project’s conception until its finalization, it is Konnectia who is present in every step. We first create the brand and the business model, and we then proceed to bring them to life, always making sure we are offering the best investment project to our clients, and a product that fulfills the expectations of our guests, tenants, and users, who will enjoy the final development, so that we are able to give them an unforgettable experience.

Our specialty are the condo-hotels, for which we turn a unique hotel deed into several, allowing many investors to be owners of a condo unit in the United States. This way, we target small investors as well as big ones, and we offer options that can satisfy each of their needs. We also develop other projects, like workspaces and event spaces, gastronomical projects, as well as commercial and residential, which serve as proof that Konnectia doesn’t only stand out for its experience, but also for its innovation and versatility.


It takes more than real estate experience to facilitate an optimum real estate transaction. To be able to bring our projects closer to our investors, we have our real estate commercial company Kubico Realty, whose experience, combined with our relations with experts in accounting, law, engineering, financial planning, mortgage banking, architecture and other disciplines can enhance perspective and solidify any real estate sale or purchase.

No matter where our local, national, and international clients currently reside, our team is positioned to offer the highest levels of personalized, multilingual service.

From the moment in which a prospect shows interest in one of our investment projects, we assign a real estate agent to them, who will offer a personalized service with the highest professionalism till the final stage of the buying process. We focus on enriching the bond with our clients and on making sure that they receive the most detailed information about the properties. Above all, however, we make sure they perceive the warmth of working hand in hand with Kubico Realty.


Purchasing Process

We have sales agents that will help you throughout the whole purchase process.

Opening an LLC

We offer the service of opening an LLC, in case an investor decides to use one for the purchase.

Opening a Bank Account

We offer the service of opening a bank account for our clients to be able to receive their rent deposits, product of their investments.

LLC Management

We keep our investors’ LLC updated and we make the necessary renovations every year.


M360 Management combines professionalism with the human factor, not only to manage hotels, but ideas.

M360 Management has more than 6 years of experience in managing hotels in the United States. With a global approach, we offer a service that covers everything that’s needed to manage a hotel. However, we go beyond that. We manage ideas. We manage your future. We manage the people that make up our clients’ businesses, and we offer a completely unforgettable experience to our guests and tenants.

We manage hotels in Florida and Georgia, mainly the hotel chains Minimal Hotels and OneWay Hotels, and their different locations. Our professionalism and passion make it possible for these hotels to improve every day, helping them take the correct steps towards their dreams, and turning their ideals into a reality

M360 Management’s most important asset is its team, which is made up of different individuals that get together for a common purpose. Together, they succeed in bringing a professional approach and passion to the company, which can later be seen in the service that we give our clients.

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